Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hope Springs Eternal

Last night I was looking for answers -- any answers.  I started researching UW Health(UW Madison's healthcare system) online.  I found the page on kidney transplants.  Once again, as has happened so often throughout this journey, I couldn't believe my eyes.  There is a section on their website entitled "Why Choose UW Health For Your Kidney Transplant?"  About halfway down the page, here is what I read:

"UW Health Transplant consistently leads the nation in patient outcomes, despite taking patients whose conditions are so complex that other centers may not consider them for transplant."

Sound familiar?  WE have a case that another center will not consider for transplant!  Could this be another sign?  Not sure.  But for some reason I discover all of my signs after 11 p.m. -- much too late to call Ginger!  So I called her at 8:00 a.m. today to tell her what I had read.  Little did I know that she was ready to tell me that they wanted to seek another opinion as well.  It turned out that their coordinator at Froedtert had left a message for them late yesterday afternoon saying that the doctor said that if we wanted to go to another transplant center they would be happy to transfer our records.  So today Ginger called UW.  The coordinator she needs to talk to is out of the office until Tuesday, however she decided that she will call back tomorrow and see if someone else can help us.  The funny thing is that Lonnie was originally at UW, but due to insurance reasons he had to change to Froedtert.  Since then his insurance has changed and he can now go back to UW. 

What would we have if we didn't have hope?  God gives us hope when we choose to believe in Him and put our faith in Him.  It is a new day.  We have a renewed sense of hope.  God is good.

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