Thursday, July 1, 2010

Connecting With UW

Today I was on UW's website again and saw there was a place where you could send an inquiry about their kidney transplant program.  So I wrote a short comment telling them what our situation was and how to contact me.  Within an hour I received an e-mail from Chris, the coordinator that Lonnie had originally been set up with at UW before he was switched to Froedtert.  Ginger had tried to call Chris yesterday, but she was on vacation until Tuesday.  Well, it turns out Chris was e-mailing me from her vacation!  She asked me if I could give her details as to why Froedtert had decided the surgery was too risky.  She probably didn't want the long answer to her short question, but I gave it to her!  Within another hour she e-mailed me back to say how sorry she was that this had happened to us.  Then she promised to look into it as soon as she gets back next week.  She will then let Lonnie know what she thinks we can do from here.  I couldn't believe that she was contacting me during her vacation!  I told her I liked her already! :-)  It is just so nice to know that someone is going to at least try to do something for us.  Hope.  That's what we have.  And it feels good.

Tonight I took my kidneys to the Wisconsin Rapids Rafters game and the Rafters won!  What a great night at the ballpark!  Hopefully the kidneys won't be going there as a pair for too much longer! 

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