Monday, July 19, 2010


Today I gave an interview to Molly Newman from the Marshfield News-Herald.  Amazingly, Molly found out about our story through a Google alert that led her to my blog.  Steve Thayer from Corporate Communications at Marshfield Clinic then set up the interview between us.  Molly is also planning to interview Lonnie and Sarah for the story.  And I am excited to say that this Thursday I am going to have the distinct pleasure of meeting Sarah!  I can't wait to talk to another donor and hear her entire story.  We have exchanged many e-mails and so many of the thoughts and experiences we have had so far are very similar.    Molly is also going to send a photographer to snap some photos of Sarah and I having lunch to include with the News-Herald story.  Sarah and I are hopeful that our stories will help people understand that this process is not scary.  We also hope it will encourage even one person out there to consider whether they might be an organ donor.  We have really become donor advocates as we have each walked our journey.

At this point we have no updates from UW.  Hopefully we will know more this week.  PATIENCE has certainly become my new motto....but HOPE still reigns!

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