Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today was supposed to be the day.  Transplant day.  July 13th was the day I thought it was all going to happen.  And then it didn't.  I have wondered so many times in the last couple of weeks why all of the signs pointed to today being the day...and then it wasn't.  I cannot begin to answer that at this point, but I bet someday I will understand the true reason.  The day was bittersweet.  I found myself looking at the clock all day thinking things like, "right now we would've been driving to Milwaukee"..."right now I would be checking in to the hospital"..."right now would have been surgery time"..."right now I would be in recovery".  But I cannot choose to dwell on those thoughts.  Tomorrow is a new day.  This morning I faxed in consents for both mine and Lonnie's records to be faxed to Chris at UW.  Things are happening.  Over and over hope springs eternal.

Today was the day that Zeke, the kidney recipient I told you about in my last post, was to find out if his surgery will still go on as scheduled.  I have not heard from his daughter Amy or his donor Sarah yet, but I pray that all went well.

Today I had lunch with two great friends, Lisa and Sheryl, to celebrate Lisa's birthday.  They don't even know how much I needed a good lunch with the girls.

Today was a good day.  Life is good...God is good...all the time.

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