Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To Whom Much Is Given...

Today I was listening to CNN Headline News on my satellite radio when the news anchor started talking about Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP.  Hayward is stepping down from his post as the head of the company who was responsible for the Gulf oil spill.  He will take with him a severance package worth $1.6 million and a pension of $17 million.  Immediately I thought of Luke 12:48, which basically says "to whom much is given, much will be expected"(and on a side note, I did not know where in the Bible that was located -- I had to look it up!).  There are many different versions of this verse -- but that is the basic premise.  I must admit that I have always thought of this verse as applying to finances, and I certainly did in the Tony Hayward situation.  Mike and I have been very financially blessed in our lives and we try to share that with others less fortunate whenever we can.  However, I know there is so much more we could do -- and imagine what we could do with Tony Hayward's sort of money!  Last September Mike lost his job. The economy has been tough and jobs are not plentiful in our area. But God has shown over and over again this past year that He will indeed continue to bless our lives. For example, Mike's unemployment was set to run out this week. Then late last week Congress voted to extend unemployment. So yes, I think God even speaks to us through Congress!
But right after I thought of that verse in regards to money, Tony Hayward, and unemployment, I realized that it certainly should apply to all areas of our lives.  For instance, as I have said before, I have been blessed with great health so I feel like I should share that.  But then I realized that God actually EXPECTS me to share it!  Not just that he thinks I should...or would be happy if I would...but actually EXPECTS it!  Then I started thinking about all the other areas of my life.  And yes, I think God does indeed expect that we will share what he has given us.  Time, money, friendship, skills, talents, love...and even kidneys. 
"To whom much is given, much will be EXPECTED."

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