Friday, June 25, 2010

The Power of Prayer

Today I was at work and seeing a patient a little after 10:00 a.m.  She was telling me that she was going to be a grandma soon and that they had discovered through a routine ultrsound that the baby girl only has one kidney.  I proceeded to tell her my story and how I was waiting on news.  She said, "Maybe I am your sign that it will all be okay".  From inside my exam rooms I can hear my phone ring in my office.  While she and I were talking I heard my phone.  It rang two short rings each time, which told me it was a call coming from outside the clinic.  When I got done with her I walked back into my office.  Ginger had left a message at 10:05 a.m. asking me to please call her back.  She sounded very sober and not necessarily like a person with good news.  With my heart beating quickly I called their house.  Ginger answered and immediately put Lonnie on the phone.  He said, "Jill?"  I said, "yes"  He said, "IT'S NOT CANCER!!!!"  Then he started crying -- and so did I!!  It turns out he just has a cyst on his kidney.  Wow.  What a tremendous feeling.  Lonnie said he wanted to be the one to tell me so Ginger did a great job of not giving it away on the message!  Praise the Lord!!  He is good -- all the time!!

Tuesday we go for pre-op testing at Froedtert.  For now, we celebrate the power of the prayers of people that we know -- and many who we don't know!  Thank you all.  Your prayers mean the world to all of us.

Just over two weeks until my left kidney is no longer mine -- and I couldn't be happier to give it away.

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