Monday, June 28, 2010

Unlimited Faith

This will just be a short post.  Tomorrow we were scheduled to head to Milwaukee for our pre-op admissions testing.  Today at 11:30 both Lonnie and I got calls from our coordinators telling us that they are cancelling tomorrow and deferring the surgery.  The surgeons are concerned about being sure everything is just right before they do the surgery.  Since Dr. Unwala saw a spot on the bladder when he saw Lonnie the surgeons are concerned.  Dr. Unwala told Lonnie on Friday however that the spot was fine and not cancer.  SO, we are hoping this is just a precautionary measure on the part of Froedtert.  They were going to call Dr. Unwala to talk with him about it.  We are both waiting on further calls from Froedtert at this point.

I was starting to think I had used up every ounce of faith I had on this rollercoaster of emotions -- but I know that I have an unlimited amount!  I truly still feel this surgery will take place as planned.  Please keep this in your prayers -- I will update as soon as I know more.

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