Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shifting Momentum

You know that moment in a baseball or football game when you can literally feel the momentum shifting and the team that was losing starts to gain ground and come from behind?  That is how I felt today.  After a ton of despair and heartache yesterday, my discovery of the calendar page last night started the shift of momentum.  I can literally feel God working now.  I can see that His plan is not always my plan -- and I need to let Him take over the controls.  I am reminded of a phrase I saw not long ago that says, "If you want to hear God laugh, just tell him your plans!"  How true is that??

Lonnie saw his dialysis doctor(Dr. Campbell) today.  Although Dr. Campbell doesn't know for sure what the plan is, he did say that they are not sure how to proceed with the testing.  Lonnie cannot have contrast dye as it will destroy any kidney function he has left.  A PET scan that would normally be used to look for cancer requires contrast.  There is talk of doing an MRI, but Dr. Campbell, Dr. Unwala, and Dr. Ewert(nephrologist) need to get together and decide what the best route of testing will be.  Once they decide it will hopefully be just a day or two until he can get in.  Dr. Campbell did say he feels that if this is cancer they caught it in time.  So IF it is cancer Dr. Unwala will likely remove the kidney and then we would have to wait 6 months to be sure the cancer has not spread.  If it has not, then we could hopefully proceed with the transplant.  If it is NOT cancer(which I still believe is the case), then we can proceed as scheduled.  At least that is the word from Dr. Campbell today!  So hopefully answers are on their way!  I just thank God for the skilled doctors and staff who have the training and expertise to know how to handle this situation.  I think this is a very unique situation that they don't come upon every day, so they are really putting their knowledge to the test!

Tomorrow morning I have a very important meeting with the Personnel Review Committee at Marshfield Clinic.  They are going to review my proposal that the Clinic adopt an Organ Donor Leave policy.  I am hopeful they will see this as a worthwhile policy and strongly consider it.  As a leader in the healthcare field I feel adamant that we should be making it as easy as possible for our staff and doctors to take the time off to donate an organ or bone marrow.

Today my kidneys just went to work with me.  Tonight they enjoyed pizza and the movie "The Proposal" with my wonderful husband.  It was good to laugh! 

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