Friday, June 11, 2010

The Case for Organ Donor Leave

I was so excited in my last post about actually getting my surgery scheduled that I neglected to mention what happened on Wednesday afternoon.  As you may have read in an earlier post I have asked the Marshfield Clinic to consider adopting an Organ Donor Leave policy that would make it easier for potential donors to take time off work without lost wages.  The Personnel Review Committee(PRC) had graciously agreed that they would place the item on a meeting agenda for June or July.  Wednesday afternoon Human Resources called me to tell me that the next PRC meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 23rd at 7:30 a.m.  They have invited me to be there(by phone actually since we work in different buildings) to speak about the merits of such a policy!  I am so proud of them for even considering the implementation of this!  At Marshfield Clinic we have over 800 doctors and over 6,000 staff members.  We are a nationally and internationally recognized clinic and this policy goes along with our mission of excellence in healthcare to all.  So, if you get a minute on the morning of June 23rd, and it happens to come to mind, please say a little prayer that the committee will consider recommending this policy to our board of directors.  It is a fact that many people considering donation see finances as a barrier to going through with the donation.  Anything we can do to remove that barrier should be considered.

I also failed to give an update as to where my kidneys have been travelling the last couple of days.  On Wednesday I took them to El Mezcal.  I believe I may have heard my right kidney mocking my left kidney as to how it may not get to have as much Mexican food once it is in Lonnie's body.  We also have been watching a LOT of baseball, although kidneys tend to hide at baseball games because there is always a chance of getting hit by a stray ball.  And to celebrate our scheduled surgery I did buy them one of my very favorite candies -- Milk Duds! 

Feeling blessed!!

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