Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's a Date!!

At 2:15 today I got a call from Elise telling me that our surgery could be Tuesday, July 13th.  I didn't hesitate at all to say that sounded great!  So, the plan is to do the surgery on that afternoon.  My time in the hospital will probably be a few days.  I will then be off work for approximately five weeks.  Lonnie will have to stay in the hospital longer -- how long exactly will depend on how his recovery is going.  Hopefully he will have a relatively short stay as well.  I called Ginger this afternoon to let her know.  She told Lonnie that I wanted a date with him on July 13th and that I wanted him to wear a suit and tie.  He immediately said, "I suppose she wants flowers too!"  Well...of course :-) 

Once again things worked out great as my staff all has vacations planned starting that week and ending approximately 4 weeks later.  Now we won't have to worry about getting fill-in help from other areas of the clinic.  Also, the Nekoosa baseball tournament is scheduled for the weekend before my surgery, so I will get to go to that and help out with the weekend.  And I would be neglectful if I didn't mention that July 13th also happens to be my dear friend Lisa Lancour's birthday!

It is so great to finally have a date set in stone.  Now we can work on logistics.  Lonnie and I need to go together to Froedtert one or two weeks before the surgery for our pre-admission testing and to meet our surgeons.  I suppose that technically means the surgery will be our SECOND date! 

Thank you to all of my friends and family for your support, kind words, and love!  I couldn't do it without you!!


  1. Wooo hooo it's a date!!! You have my permission to date my Father! LOL Tee Hee.....I just got done reading the latest post to Ma and Pa. They were giggling at your comments! Oh and by the way I would make sure you get steak and lobster out of him not just flowers!

  2. Oooh, steak sounds better than flowers :-) Of course he doesn't have to get me anything -- I just like to tease him! And he gives it right back to me!