Monday, June 14, 2010

What a Nice Surprise!!

Today I was done with patients around 4:30 and was just finishing up some charts for the day when my front desk called back to tell me that Virginia Jelinski(aka Ginger) was there to see me.  I started to walk up front and Lonnie came walking out of the lab and headed to the waiting room -- he didn't see me.  When I got out there Ginger gave me a big hug and got tears in her eyes.  THEN the hug came from Lonnie -- we embraced and didn't let go for quite awhile.  We both had tears!  Then my appointment coordinator Sherri called out, "hey, you are all going to make me cry!".  You see even though Lonnie and I live in the same town I had not seen him since before I was tested for compatibility.  All of our talking had been done over the phone.  This was the first face-to-face meeting since we knew the surgery would definitely be taking place, and it was an emotional one!!  Lonnie has lost quite a bit of weight and is tired -- especially in the afternoons.  Every night while he sleeps he is hooked up to a dialysis machine.  Just 29 short days from now he will be able to get rid of that machine and hopefully start returning to his normal life...and put some weight back on!!  Right now his diet is very restricted so it will be good to get him back to eating again.

As far as me, I have been eating just fine! :-)  I think my kidneys appreciate it.  Today we went to Isaiah's ballgame.  Tomorrow night I am taking my kidneys to Bunco night!  There is so much laughing and talking that goes on there that my left kidney will probably be happy this is the last Bunco night it will ever have to attend -- well unless Lonnie takes up Bunco!

Feeling good tonight!!

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