Friday, May 21, 2010

The Phone Call

Yesterday morning I received the phone call.  Elise, the living donor coordinator from Froedtert Hospital, called to tell me that the compatibility testing results were in.  I had no doubt what she was about to say.  She told me right away that she had some good news!  The crossmatching test was negative -- in this situation negative is a GOOD thing.  It means that my blood and my friend's blood waltzed, boogied, two-stepped, and danced the conga in a test tube -- and then decided they wanted a second date!  In other words, we are a MATCH!!!  Not only that, but we have 2 of 8 antigens in common -- quite remarkable considering we are not even related.  The only concern was a low glucose tolerance test that showed up on my bloodwork -- my number was 56 and it needs to be at least 70..  Elise told me this was likely a fluke since my A1C(3 month glucose average) and fasting blood sugar were fine.  Also, the night before my day of testing I was not feeling real great, so likely that affected my blood sugar.  We agreed to have me repeat the testing today at my clinic.  Fortunately I work about 10 steps from our lab!

Last night I was told not to eat after midnight, but I could have anything I wanted before then.  I was determined to get my glucose UP!  We stopped for ice cream on our way home from Isaiah's baseball game.  Then about 11:15 I ate a bowl of Frosted Flakes, followed by a brownie!!  Today our wonderful lab director went out of her way to be sure I was able to get my glucose tolerance test done.  And apparently the increased sugar intake last night worked.  My glucose ranged today between 79 and 94 -- perfect!

Monday afternoon Elise will present our case to the organ transplant team at Froedtert.  If they think everything is in order they will approve our case.  And then...we will schedule the transplant! 

Today happens to be my birthday.  This might be the very best birthday gift I have ever received.


  1. Jill - Jason directed me here to your blog and after reading this - I just had to respond! I am very touched by your generosity. God works through all of us in so many different ways and watching his work through you is inspiring! Best of luck - I'll be praying for all of you!

  2. Thank you Lori! I really appreciate the prayers and the kind words!

  3. Jill,
    I have just finnished reading this and I must say it was hard to read because I could not see through my tears! Thank you for sharing this with me and my family! I will ensure everyone gets a chance to read it as you update it as well. I know Dad never thought anyone would ever give him such a priceless gift as the one he will recieve form you. It really is his second chance and not everyone gets that! You are his angel jill!!

  4. Thank you Janel. It is my privilege and honor to offer this gift to someone as special as your dad -- and your entire family.