Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bump in the Road

Today I was hoping to get the call telling me that the transplant team had approved our case.  Instead I got a phone call saying that I have one more hurdle to get over.  I have one slightly abnormal lab test that we need to be normal before we can proceed.  Fortunately because I work at Marshfield Clinic we have a nephrologist that should be able to perform the test.  So, hopefully we can get over that hurdle relatively soon and move on!  The nephrologist at Froedtert just wants everything to be perfect -- and I certainly understand that!  Our coordinator Elise says there is a chance that our case can then be presented next week.  The team normally meets on Mondays, but with Memorial Day this coming Monday they will be looking to reschedule their meeting for later in the week.  That might give us a little wiggle room to get this test done.  I am still very convinced that this transplant WILL happen! 

Up until this point I have not referred to my friends by name.  I did this to protect their privacy.  With their blessing I am going to refer to them by name from now on.  Lonnie is my very kidney-deserving friend and Ginger is his beautiful wife who keeps him in line.  He can't even get mad at me for saying that -- because after all, he needs my kidney :-)  And yes, they are a lot of fun -- and even seem to appreciate my jokes occasionally!

Prayers for normality are appreciated!  (For the lab test of course!)

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