Friday, March 21, 2014

Looking Back

A very special man was on my patient schedule today -- Lonnie.  And yes, he does give me permission to share this with you so I am not violating any privacy laws :)  I have an optometry intern working with me right now, so Lonnie and I were filling her in on our journey while we all sat in the exam room.  As we shared our story with Ashley, I was taken back in time to that date four years ago this month when Lonnie was sitting in my exam chair just as he was today. That was the day he told me he would for sure need a kidney in the near future.  I was once again simply amazed at the hand of God as he took us from that day to where we all are today.  I couldn't even fathom at that time all of the ups and downs that we would go through.  I couldn't ever predict the emotional journey that Lonnie and I would take, along with his whole family.  I couldn't see that Sara, Craig, and Ashlyn -- along with all of their extended family and friends -- would enter into our lives.  It made me think of other times when our lives are about to suddenly change. Maybe it's the first time you meet your future spouse, the day you lose your job, the day you or a loved one are diagnosed with cancer, the day your first child is born, or even the day you win the lottery!  The most incredible thing to me about all of these times is that although we may have no clue that our lives are about to change forever, God is never, ever surprised.

I recently submitted a guest blog to the Outlive Yourself blog on the website of the Taylor's Gift Foundation.  If you have never heard the story of Taylor Storch, please take the time to visit their website at  Taylor was just 13 years old when her life was tragically cut short in a skiing accident.  Through their unbelievable grief, Taylor's parents Todd and Tara Storch let Taylor give the ultimate final gift -- the gift of life.  Taylor's organs helped numerous people live a longer and better life.  I had read Todd and Tara's book telling the story of their daughter, but until I submitted my guest blog I never realized that Taylor's death occurred in March of 2010, right about the same time that I was telling Lonnie I would give him my kidney.  Taylor's family could never imagine how their lives were about to change, just like I couldn't.  But God knew.  Do I think God wanted Taylor to die?  No.  Do I think God had an incredible plan to bring joy and good out of a tragedy?  Absolutely.  I was incredibly humbled to receive the email from the foundation telling me that my guest blog was accepted and will be posted on the Taylor's Gift website sometime during the month of April -- National Donate Life Month.  I will be happy to share that with you when the time comes.

 Taylor's Gift Foundation

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