Sunday, February 23, 2014

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I had an epiphany today.  Well, actually my husband gave me an epiphany today.  Shortly after my kidney donation was over, I stopped blogging.  Well, I did give a couple of update blogs here and there...but I stopped blogging on a regular basis.  In fact, in 2013 I only blogged once -- and that was on my two year anniversary of donating.  The thing is that I knew I wanted to spread the word about organ donation, plus tell my own story, but I really didn't know how. Over the years I have talked to hundreds of people about my story and shared organ donation information.  I have talked to a few groups, and still hope to start up regular speaking engagements.  To this day, rarely a day goes by that someone doesn't ask me a question about my donation, share a donation story to my Facebook page, or ask me how Sara is doing.  I love it that people immediately think of me when they see a donation story and choose to share it with me!  I never get tired of hearing a good donation story -- and they are all good!  I have "met" so many people since my donation(often not in person, but rather through social media).  I met Steph from Iowa (through Facebook) who also had God ask her to donate a kidney.  She donated to little Blake who is just two years old.  Through an online living donors group I was contacted by Brenda from Franklin, Wisconsin who donated several years ago to a woman from her church.  Brenda and I have the same passion for educating others about the joy of donation.  I have the privilege of often seeing the Pryne Family from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin whose 11 year old son Kameron just received a kidney from a deceased donor.  Via Twitter I found Jill, a bone marrow transplant nurse who gets to see the miracles of bone marrow transplant every day.  And amazingly, I have connected with Robin Roberts, also via Twitter, who has been so kind to answer my questions and give her prayers for my mom who recently had a stem cell transplant.

So tonight over dinner Mike and I were discussing how I can "bring this all together" and better work toward my ultimate goal of promoting and encouraging organ, tissue, blood, and bone marrow/stem cell donation.  I have many grand ideas, but I have just not been sure where to start.  In his infinite wisdom, Mike suggested I start blogging again and see where that leads.  I hope to share other stories of donation, along with my own thoughts.  Please share this blog with anyone you know who might be interested in learning more.  I hope you too will continue to follow my journey.  And as always, please keep passing along those great stories!    

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