Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to Reality

Tomorrow it will be 6 weeks since Sara and I had surgery.  That milestone is exciting, but it also means I have to go back to work!  Fortunately, I do love my job so the thought of going back is probably worse than actually going back.  Tomorrow also marks an important day for our kids -- back to school!  Josh will be in 7th grade at Alexander Middle School.  As much as he would prefer not having to go to the actual classes, he does love the social aspect of school.  Isaiah will be in 4th grade so this is his first year at AMS.  He is looking forward to getting out of the elementary school and into the big school.  Mike decided before my surgery that his new job was not what he was looking for so he called his former boss at UMR and asked if they would take him back.  Jeff(his boss) was thrilled to hear he wanted to come back and they are welcoming him with open arms.  Fortunately being in between jobs allowed him to take the past 6 weeks off with me and the kids.  I must say that the time we all spent together in these past several weeks was just priceless.  Last week I asked each of my kids separately if they were glad that their dad and I both got to be with them so much this summer.  They each said "yes, it was great!".  I am so thankful that they still enjoy being with us!

Today Sara went to UW to have a routine biopsy and blood work done.  The biopsy showed NO signs of rejection by the kidney!  Wonderful news indeed!  As soon as they get the lab results back she will hopefully be able to have some of her medications decreased.  Poor girl takes a small meal's worth of medications every day.  She knows it is just what she has to do, but I am quite sure it gets old very quickly!  The other super news is that Sara was able to have her dialysis line removed the week before last!  That line created so many headaches for her and I am so thankful that the doctors are confident that she will no longer need it.

So this is it -- the "end" of my recovery.  For the most part I feel really good.  Of course I have been whining to Mike that it seems like my abdominal swelling is never going to go away.  So he asked me the other day, "What if they told you before surgery that you would always have a bit more of a stomach than you originally did?  Would you still have done it?"  Great perspective smart husband of mine!  That is a no-brainer for me.  YES!  Of course I would have still done it.  What I am complaining about now is so minimal compared to what Sara has gone through.  Physical changes are so minor when you have your health!

Feeling unbelievably blessed!!


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