Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Kidney Cake

I admit that I was not looking forward to this week of work.  Last week we went on a wonderful vacation to Louisville, KY where our older son Josh attended Rajon Rondo's basketball camp.  It was a fun family time and we also were able to spend time with our friends the Storandts, as their son Nick also went to camp with Josh.  I took Monday to regroup before my return to work yesterday(Tuesday).  I love my job, however since I will be there just four days this week before I leave for surgery, I knew it would be a crazy week.  So like I said -- I wasn't looking forward to it.  But today when I got to work and saw the surprise waiting for me, it made my day -- actually it made my week!  My friend and co-worker Laura, who was the one that brought Sara and I together, brought me a kidney cake.  Yep, a kidney cake!  It was a marble cake with the REAL frosting(which I love) and it had a frosting kidney -- complete with veins!  The cake read, "Thanks!  You're the Best!  No Kidning!!"  I LOVED IT!!  How awesome!  And you know what else?  She even brought ice cream to go with it!  Laura -- you are so thoughtful.  And I am so grateful!!

Sara and I also received copies of the articles that were written by a freelance copywriter for Marshfield Clinic/Security Health Plan about our transplant.  The plan is to put out a press release on Monday, so hopefully our local papers will pick up the story.  I love to bring organ donation into the spotlight, so I am hoping our story will do that.

One week from tonight Mike and I and Sara and Craig will be settling in for the night at our hotel in Madison just a short walk from UW Hospital.  What will our thoughts be that night?  Will we be nervous?  Maybe.  Will we be freaking out?  I doubt it.  Will we be excited?  DEFINITELY!  This day has been a long time coming for both Sara and I, and yet as of the day of surgery we will only have known each other for exactly 2 months!  I believe we have talked, e-mailed, or chatted on Facebook almost every single day since the day we first became aware of each other.  I feel like I have known her forever.  And I know we will be friends -- forever.

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