Tuesday, July 19, 2011

48 Hours and Counting...

The transplant is now just 48 hours away.  In fact, in 48 hours we will likely be out of surgery and in recovery.  This is probably the point where I am supposed to start getting nervous, but I am just excited.  Last night Mike said, "can you believe this is finally happening?".  In some ways the past year has seemed to go by so slowly -- always waiting it seemed.  But when I look back on this past year it is incredible how much has happened.  From the rollercoaster journey of emotions with Lonnie to the whirlwind ride with Sara -- what a year it has been!

This past weekend Sara's family had a very scary event happen.  Craig and Sara's 5 year old daughter Ashlyn had the tip of her finger bit off by a dog.  They took her to the ER on Saturday, but unfortunately plastic surgery could not see her until yesterday.  Sara was really hoping they would take care of it right away as later this week she has plans! :-)  Fortunately the surgeon was able to do the repair yesterday afternoon.  Ashlyn will hopefully not be in much pain going forward.  She is such a sweet little girl and so very brave.

Yesterday I met Sara and her coworker Jan(who has been Sara's transplant nurse manager) at their office at Security Health Plan to get our pictures taken for the Clinic's newsletter and press release.  My sister Wendy was in town and went along with me to meet Sara.  Ashlyn came along too, so Wendy entertained her while we did the photo shoot.  Poor Ashlyn hadn't eaten all day in preparation for seeing the plastic surgeon, but she was so good!  After our photo session, Sara took us back to her office area to introduce us to some of her co-workers.  It was then that they did the neatest thing.  One by one they came up to me, shook my hand, thanked me, and handed me a plastic wrapped Lifesaver candy.  A couple of them would do it, then we would talk a minute, and then another one would come out of their office and hand me one.  It was so neat!  As I have said a hundred times in reference to other events in this journey, it was a very humbling experience.

Last night we attended the Northwoods League All Star Game here at Witter Field in Wisconsin Rapids.  I had a chance to meet my childhood hero, Paul Molitor!  He seemed like a very nice guy as he patiently signed autographs for a couple of thousand people.  So many of my childhood memories are of watching him play ball at County Stadium in Milwaukee.

The logistics of the next couple of days are as follows:  Today Mike and I will finish up last minute things around the house and get packed to head to Madison.  Isaiah has a wrestling clinic from 3:30-6 p.m. and then I am hoping that our family can go out and enjoy a relaxing dinner before I need to start fasting at 8 p.m.  Mike's mom is here and she will stay with the boys for the next couple of days.  My parents will be coming to Madison for the surgery.  Depending on when they plan to send me home, Mike may come back and get the boys on Friday or Saturday to come visit me.  I know I will miss them!  Tomorrow we will leave here at 5 a.m. in order to make it to my 7:15 pre-op appointment at UW.  Sara needs to be there at 9 a.m.  Tomorrow night, Craig, Sara, my parents, Mike, and I will all be staying at the Best Western, which is right next to the hospital's property.

This is really happening!  And I could not be more excited!!  To Sara...I feel so honored and blessed to be the one chosen to give you this kidney.  I can only pray that it will give you the life and energy that you need and want.  You are a blessing to my life!

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