Friday, June 24, 2011

27 Days and Counting....

Sara and I both received our surgical paperwork from UW yesterday.  Her surgeon will be Dr. Hans Sollinger who has a cool German accent and is a smiley fellow!  We haven't met him -- just know this from a video he has posted on UW's website.  My surgeon will be Dr. Janet Bellingham.  Mike and I actually met Dr. Bellingham in December when we were at UW for my donor evaluation.  I would say that she is a bit on the serious side, but definitely seemed to be very competent.  Both Sara and I will need to be at the hospital the day before surgery to have our final pre-op appointments.  Sara will also be going down on July 6th for an evaluation.  Most of these tests should simply be formalities, but still they continue to use phrases like "surgery is tentatively scheduled" and "potential donor" or "potential recipient".  Don't they know that this transplant is definitely happening??  Don't they know that Sara and I have both come way too far in our journeys for this to not work out??  Apparently we will just have to prove it to them!

This coming Sunday evening Sara, her husband Craig, and their daughter Ashlyn are planning to meet me, Mike, and our boys for dinner.  We are looking forward to our families meeting each other before the big day!  It won't be long now -- just 27 days!  Sara goes to dialysis 3 days a week and is counting down the days until that will be in the past!  After tomorrow's session the count will be: 10 down, 10 to go!!  Halfway done!!

Several people have asked me if I am nervous.  The answer is no.  Maybe I am too excited to be nervous.  Maybe I am too naive.  But truthfully I just think that I have complete faith that this is meant to be -- and that is all I need to know!

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