Friday, September 10, 2010

Praying for Another Donor

It has been over a week and a half since I found out I could not be a donor for Lonnie.  Although I am still incredibly disappointed, I continue to have a tremendous amount of faith that a donor will be found.  There has been some talk of some of Ginger's relatives getting tested and I am just praying that will happen.  The more testing that is done, the more likely the chances of getting a living donor.  In the meantime he will wait on the list.  The list is such a bittersweet one -- knowing that someone had to die to give life is always a sad thought.  But I am so incredibly proud of every person who makes the decision to be a donor before death and of every family who carries out the deceased person's wishes after they die.  Earlier this year my friends Chris and Carol lost their dear son Brent.  Brent was a 10 year old who was a polite and friendly kid and it tore us all apart to think that Brent was gone forever.  But even amongst their grief Chris and Carol made the painful decision to donate Brent's organs.  Brent died, but in return others could live.  I think that is pretty incredible.

As far as the "Hope For Lonnie" bracelets, the response has been overwhelming!  Thank you to everyone who has bought one from Kellie, Janel, or I -- or from anyone else who has so graciously offered to sell them for us.  Thanks to all of your support, Lonnie and Ginger will not have to worry about their expenses around the time of the transplant.  Kellie has started an account at Bullseye Credit Union where she works and it already has a very nice nest egg!  I need to take the time to publicly thank my dear friend Jolene who was my "business partner" in the bracelet endeavor.  I couldn't have done it without you Jolene!  And to anyone who still would like a bracelet, please let one of us know.

Several people have asked me if I would consider being a donor for someone else now that I cannot do it for Lonnie.  I have to admit that it would be very difficult to say no now that I see the incredible need for donors out there.  But I do want to be sure Lonnie gets taken care of as well.  So I will just wait and see if anything comes my way for now.  All I can do is pray about it, right??

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